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Contact: Rachel Holmgren


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Past Meetings:
September 19, 2020

Being a school librarian can be tough because you’re normally all alone—fear not! Our School Libraries Interest Group gives you the chance to connect with your fellow school librarians from across Northeast Florida.

Interest Group Facilitator:  Rachel Holmgren

My name is Rachel Holmgren, and I am a librarian with the Clay County School District. I received my undergraduate degree in Education with a concentration in adolescent literature from Blackburn College, and I am currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Information at Florida State University.  I have been in education for 19 years with the last 5 years as the Media Specialist at Lakeside Junior High.  I am an educator that is dedicated to expanding my student’s experiences. I believe that knowledge and understanding are not just gained through books, but by exploring, socializing, and constructing.  The library should be a place where students ask questions, create new experiences, and build relationships. I am excited to explore new ways to reach our students with you!