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Katherine Fuhrig

Head of Youth Services Brevard County Libraries
Work 6475 Minton Rd. SW Palm Bay FL 32908 Work Phone: 321-952-6317


Photo of Katherine Fuhrig

Redesign and Update Your Library on a Budget – Webinar hosted by FLA

As Head of Youth Services, Katherine Fuhrig has completely redesigned and updated the Young Adult and Juvenile rooms at Franklin T. DeGroodt Library. This was accomplished despite limited funding and resources by way of a hands on approach and a “thinking outside the box” mentality. The result has impacted program attendance, brought in new patrons, and even garnered a few awards from parent groups. There are 2 FLA Webinars (“Redesign Your Library on a Budget”) available for further information. Katherine has also won some local awards through Brevard County for various youth and community programs. In addition to teaching webinars and producing programs/events, she has graduated from the Sunshine State Library Leadership institute. Her SSLLI project on STEM/STEAM programming is ongoing, and involves the centralization of STEM/STEAM resources as well as continuing education and training for Youth Services staff.