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Just Add Rhythm

Hands-on interactive drumming and rhythm programs focusing on social skills, leadership, communication, and fun! Contact: Alisha Ramcharitar
Work Phone: 954-399-7648 Website: http://www.addrhythm.com


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Cost:  $225-$300 for local branches (within 60 miles round trip) and $275-$450 for out of town branches (80+ miles round trip).  Discounts for back to back programming are available.  Please contact us for a quote that is specific to your branch’s location, number of participants, and needs.

Ages of Audience:  PK-12th grade programs are available.  We can plan a program for your specific population at your request (e.g., elementary age, teens, etc.).

Will travel?  Yes

Smallest audience: Any

Largest audience:  100

Libraries where performed:  Jacksonville Public Libraries, Broward Public Libraries , Miami Dade Public Libraries, Alachua County Library District, Flagler Public Libraries, Clay County Public Libraries, Putnam County Library, Marshes of Glynn Library, and Satilla Library.